a note to Grace’s gentle readers…

thanks—sortof—for your encouragement to start this blog. [we’ll see if i eventually rescind the sentiment. too soon to tell.]

and no, kat, i was not mad at all; i knew you didn’t fully understand the odd (er, unique?) dynamic of our relationship; curlz, i really look forward to getting to read you better; and no, iain, i don’t think you’re a nutball but my arm kinda hurts haha.


but mostly, folks, i do appreciate how you have surrounded and loved grace during these past months…how you have shown indirectly shown your own sense of grace to me in the process. people like you have restored (somewhat) my faith in Christians at-large. more about that as this blog thing develops…

6 thoughts on “a note to Grace’s gentle readers…

  1. Just had to be the first to comment!

    This looks great and I can’t wait to interact with you as a “blog buddie”!

    Happy Belated Birthday old man!


  2. thanks for christening the blog! i wouldn’t want anyone else to be the first to comment.

    now the age jokes–yeah. they’re about as old as the ones the boys still think are so funny. 😉

    you’ve set a high standard over there at willful grace (hey didya see how i cross-referenced?!!!) with a good mix of serious, substantial, and humorous–not to mention responding back to all your posters. i just hope your readers’ expectations aren’t too high.

    see ya in the blogosphere!


  3. I found Pam’s blog about a year ago, I think. It’s so good to see that you’ve decided to join the blogosphere, even if it did take a bit of prodding. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

  4. you call that prodding???

    yeah, that’s what all the kicking and screaming was about. cuz i was being prodded with a cattle prod! lol

  5. Hi, T-dub,

    Well done for taking the plunge! I’ll look forward to reading what you have to say.

    Hope the pain in your arm wears off soon 😉


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