bless her heart

my mother. gosh i could blog volumes about her. she’s 79 and for now, i’ll just say that while she does not believe the lifestyle choices i have made are right, she has exhibited true grace and love to me and the husband. she does it with little fanfare, no preaching, and no sideways compliments. she just … loves. and she is as kind to him as she has been to any of my significant others. i know deep down it’s hard for her because of the whole “gays are damned to hell” doctrine shoved down our throats. anyway….

last wednesday night, i got this voicemail from her, God bless her:

“…we’re havin’ an ice cream / sing song tonight in the fellowship hall [at church] and they’re servin’ ice cream sundaes [she says it like “sundys”]…

i just wanted to let [older grandson] know…you could come and eat too, if you wanted to, you and [my partner].”

(oh that would have gone over well, doncha think?)

anyway–i just think that’s remarkable.
in her own way, she never gives up hope. never stops loving.
pretty cool how she shows it.

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