“so gay”

this was just TOO FUNNY and i had to share it…

first, some background:

  • as many of you know, between grace and me, we have 4 sons…2 dark-haireds (her contribution; also the oldest and youngest, known as #1 and #4, respectively) and 2 red-heads (my contribution, known as #2 and #3).
  • #1, who’s now 21, was in town for the weekend. he and #2 always hang out–at our place some but mostly with their mutual friends doing goodness knows what. their relationship is really great though and i’m thankful for #1 and the grace that flows through his veins. anyway, we didn’t see them most of the holiday.
  • #3 was at church camp in NM and on his way home late saturday night/sunday morning
  • grace and #4 decided to come into granbury for the holiday and ended up staying with my mother which thrilled her. (#4 wanted to stay with us and while Grace let him know that would be fine, they might not do that this time LOL!)


  • as most of you know, “gay” is the current word of the youth culuture to mean stupid, ignorant, dumb.

with all that in mind….read on.

on saturday, the husband and i had invited several of our friends (4 gay couples, 1 lesbian couple, 1 straight couple) for a day of chillin out on the river and just hangin out.

i get a text from #4 who was in the neighborhood with a friend (Grace had dropped him off) asking if he could come over our house and hang out bcz he was bored “if it’s ok” and wait there for #3 to get home (which would still be several hours) and i’m like OF COURSE! [he had stayed with us last summer for a couple days too long and we kinda ended up having one of our “like-old-times-knock-down-dragouts” and he hadn’t been over since…but he’s intrigued with my new life and the husband…and of course i still love him and vice versa…and, like his mother, operates with a good deal of grace in the whole situation.] i let him know who all’s there–because i didn’t want him to be uncomfortable but he takes that as “oh will that be a problem for me to be there?” bless his heart. of course i tell him “absolutley not!”

ANYWAY… (gosh it’s hard to make this brief!)

#4 gets there. our friends met him at the door and then come and get me. “a kid is here to see you.” and i’m like “that’s [#4]!! LET HIM IN!!”

so he comes in, surveys the scene, the food, (yes, the brownies had nuts dangitt!) and chats with me.

i ask him, “how come you left the street dance?”

he replies, “because it was like so gay!

i looked at him and without a bit of thought said, “and you came here?!”



the rest of the story is that he ended up spending the night. grace picked up #3 from the church trip (bcz she was in town) and brought him out the next morning where #3 and #4 were joyously reunited and she joined our friends for brunch and ended up hanging out at the house until the early afternoon while we waited for #s 1 and 4 to wake up, get ready, and come home. [we were even able to force them to take a family picture.]

it’s so crazy how life works. ya know?

there she was at our house. without a trace of bitterness or ill will. nothing but genuine love. the boys can’t help but notice that and be influenced by her example. the husband can’t help but notice that and be impressed by the authenticity of her witness.  i can’t help but admiring her all the more.

hopefully the pix i took of her will help her with The Chad (inside joke) and hopefully, our family will continue to be blessed by such love.


6 thoughts on ““so gay”

  1. Drew couldn’t wait for me to hear this story.

    And the rest of the story is the chat I had with Todd later, asking him, “have you guys found the e.coli I’d left in the fridge yet?”

    LOL just KIDDING!!

  2. I almost needed a scorecard to follow all the actors and action in this post. 😉

    I absolutely loved your response to #4’s comment about the dance being so gay. I know a lot of people who would’ve gotten all worked up over his comment instead. I think a joking reply is a much better response.

    It sounds like your whole family is tremendous.

  3. I think that’s so wonderful that she can come over and spend time with your new family. It’s so good for the kids to see the love and acceptance. I’m so happy for you!!

  4. Okay…..I can’t stop laughing! It did take some time to get through the cast, but oh so funny!
    “…and you came here?”
    I can visualize the scene!

  5. SERIOUSY! I mean…the fact that i described the “orientation” of our friends was included ONLY to illustrate the obvious…

    that kid is awesome…! you should have seen his grin and heard him laugh!

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