out 2 years

so many thots, feelings, musings in these 2 years.
…bittersweet, hopeful, blissful…

i have some free time coming up and i plan to air out a lot of what i’ve been thinking.  i have 4 posts started and plan to finish them soon.

  • there’s this 21 year old stepson whom i love and admire.
  • there’s this one male friend from my lifetime church i failed to acknowledge who openly chose to retain his relationship with me–when i was in and now that i’m out.
  • there’s this man i get to share my life with who loves me and makes me feel loved.
  • there’s this really great state where you get to have the same rights and privileges as everyone else.
  • and there’s this certain 40-year old who feels blessed beyond words and relieved beyond understanding to just be “himself.”

maybe eventually i’ll get some of this stuff posted!


4 thoughts on “out 2 years

  1. mark, rob, and curlz–thanks for the encouragement. i have some major catching up to do on y’all’s blogs!

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