but GEEZE…WTF is up with all this @!$@ sara palin love? i’m just DISGUSTED by it all….

and no, Matt Damon is not like a political god (i trust CNN’s team 😉 )…but in this context, someone who has starpower is actually saying what a lot of us “everymen” are thinking…

2 thoughts on “trying…to…keep…from……being…..POLITICAL

  1. After locating your blog, (since I am becoming a blogger myself!!) I was somewhat disturbed with the language (abbreviated or not) and the downright rejection that appears here. I must say I had to agree with Allison, where’s the old Todd in all of this? I feel our family has supported you in everything and I have tried to understand, but not be critical and would hope for the same respect. I feel you have attempted to beat down good people and for what reason? Anyone who reads it must think you were a member of a truly horrid sect, is this what you want? I am just confused and bewildered with the tone and attitude portrayed here, that I have never witnessed until you chose this lifestyle. You know we love you and miss you dearly.

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