there’s still…hope.

uh, would Jesus support that message?

ok i know all people–and not all Christians, either–don’t believe this. apparently only 51.7% of the voters in CA believe that not all of us have the same rights as others of us.

am i disappointed? heck yes. but perhaps melancholy is a better word. i am so so so thrilled that we as a nation have grown up (to paraphrase Maya Angelou last night) and have elected someone based not on his skin color but on his character (to paraphrase some other important person).

but voters in three of our nation’s states (2 of which voted for Change, one overwhelmingly) chose to halt progress as far as it comes to the rights of same-sex couples to enjoy the same benefits hetero couples possess. and as a consequence, my heart breaks not only for our rights, but also for families like this:

Family affected by passage of Prop 8
(At a “No on 8” party at the Music Box Henry Fonda in Hollywood, Jeff Miller, left, and Todd Thurman, who are married, listen to Barack Obama’s speech with their son, Justin.)

i know change did not come quickly–or easily–for african-americans who have struggled greatly to see this day. donna brazile tearfully noted last night,

when Barack Obama takes the oath of office at the top of the Capitol steps, it should not be lost that those steps were built by slaves, slaves who never dreamed that someone who looked like them would stand atop those steps to become President. 

so, at the end of the day, i remain heartened that change will eventually come for us too.

2 thoughts on “there’s still…hope.

  1. From the LA Times Web site:

    It is a matter of fairness, said Jenny Pizer, a staff attorney with Lambda Legal. “If the voters approved an initiative that took the right to free speech away from women, but not from men, everyone would agree that such a measure conflicts with the basic ideals of equality enshrined in our Constitution. Proposition 8 suffers from the same flaw: It removes a protected constitutional right — here, the right to marry — not from all Californians, but just from one group of us,” she said.

    Available here.

  2. Hey T-dub,

    Yeah its a bummer about the election, but we march on — quite literally.

    I gotta say that the “Homosexuals Are Posessed by Demons” photo got my eyes rolling back in my head. I have heard this statement before by people who said that I needed to accept Jesus as my saviour or I would burn for eternity. As an educated agnostic, it is REALLY hard to accept any bit of truth to the gospel when such foolish commentary gets delivered with the message.

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