twitter me this…

omg i’ve discovered twitter. like blogging, this is mostly Grace‘s fault. i knew she was on it and i tried to ignore it. but…

i got sucked in.

grace described twittering as a “completely self-absorbed activity” and i’m sure she’s right. but i love the fact that i can communicate completely within my stream of consciousness–which if you’re a friend of mine know that’s how i talk/chat: whatever’s going on in my life comes right out.

twitter lets me post my immediate thots–from the Web, via text message, from my phone’s browser–and i know that someone somewhere is reading it right then! i have a practically limitless universe of folks to talk to: ppl who share some of my experiences and tons who do not! how cool is that?! heck, i even twhirl now!

seriously: twitter may actually be constructive for me. readers here will know that i have trouble with the concept of “succint.” a twitterstream can only be 140 characters! and while that could seem daunting to a verbose person like me (i can hear the husband sighing right now), i actually love it. it reminds me of my high school days writing headlines. how can you get across the key thought and also be salacious within a very specific word constraint. so twitter is actually helping me practice being more clear and concise–an exercise that will help me both professionally and personally. (and i’ve only used 3 messages to get one thought across only once. really. just once.)

oh, gotta go. i gotta ask @existentialism who the heck the “Mountain Goats” who performed in VA last night are and explore the big pro-Prop 8 push by the Mormon church with @hobronto.

so twit me: @tdubtx.

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