prop 8 upheld: how i feel

i don’t know what to think.

i want to be happy that my marriage was upheld—even though it’s not recognized by the state i live in.

but…now i’m in this weird group that other gays cannot get into. i am in a group of people who do have the right to marry…but any other same-sex couple is left out (unless you go to iowa, vermont, etc.)

i also know change takes time. rome wasn’t built in a day, blahblahblah.

i just think it’s sad that a majority of people get to decide what rights the minority get to enjoy. i guess that’s how it’s always been, huh?

but it will come.


One thought on “prop 8 upheld: how i feel

  1. It will take time — maybe more than either you or I have left on this earth — but it will come. It’s simply a matter of continuing to crank away until the power-hungry moralists run out of lies or credibility (my money is on the latter being the more likely) and everyone sees their bigotry for what it really is.

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