grace and passion

there’s this boy I know
he has tha Best smile.
kind and caring, always
making me feel important, valued

he lives his life in the moment
his passion cloaked
yet visible in his

he knows only of honesty.
deceipt is not on his tongue.
he affirms, blesses, laughs.

except in traffic.

for a young man he understands
the value of pursuing one’s dreams
and also supporting

he lives with zeal but
knows how to relax,
enjoying a quiet moment–
a truly great way to exist

I continue to learn from him
even tho I think
the teacher
I ought to be

like the sabre he gracefully catches
or the rifle he commands so
he conducts his life with grace
and passion

it is my heart he treats the same;
both excitement and
the trust of a steady catch
await me each day

with this man by my side.
my friend
my love
my babu

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