why am i up?

ok so the BF is at work. i fell asleep–light on, smooth jazz still vibing. i’m taking this time, i guess, to update a little FB, return some messages and ponder the many blog topics i’ve started, emailed myself, scribbled on little notes crammed into my pocket hoping i’d remember …. wondering why i don’t write more …. where all the time goes … remembering i need to pick out my clothes for tomorrow …. knowing i need to get to sleep … remembering i have a story to tell … knowing despite some challenges now and then that i have a most blessed life with so many dear friends and a chance to live the “second half” of my life differently …. that i can love and appreciate “me” for all i was created to be and live with zeal and vigor and positivity, radiating the energy of the Universe inside of me to all those whom i come in contact with …

maybe that darn energy is why i can’t sleep. 😉

more soon, i promise.

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