quiet time

quiet time

when you’re still…

and quiet…

(which I rarely ever am…)

it’s amazing what you can…


  • the dizzying pattern of june bugs buzzing happily along (until they crash into something)
  • a dragon fly flirting with a crepe myrtle bloom
  • birds enjoying a generously filled bird feeder
  • a determined squirrel breaking into the same bird feeder
  • spider webs glistening in the sunlight
  • a hummingbird in a rare moment of stillness
  • bees and their curious proboscis seeking nectar
  • birds soaring high above the trees in the clear blue sky
  • the sun rising above the trees
  • the person laying beside you breathing peacefully…


  • the low, rising (as if on cue) hum of squadrons of locust
  • squirrels hacking into their latest finds
  • a jet streaking across the sky
  • birds chirping, singing, calling to—and answering—one another
  • the peaceful sigh of your lover resting peacefully


  • the ironic coolness of a slight summer breeze
  • a few drops of moisture from the blooms of a tree after a bird springs into flight
  • the warm breath of someone you love
  • a calm sense of peace rushing over you

…and I drift off in the midst of observing all this…

eventually, I am jostled awake by the thots of things to do, a grumbling tummy, and another june bug crashing into the door…

but before I get up, I take it all in, cataloging the moment, pledging to return soon.

2 thoughts on “quiet time

  1. Its such a wonderful feeling to sit back and enjoy nature’s beauty an also you get to enjoy it with someone you love…

    we’ve all been outside watching, listening, and feeling all that nature has to offer but we’re missing that one thing……….. that special one.
    Not just anyone but the one that can enjoy it and appreciate the joys of nature with you.

    I feel that makes it complete!!!!

  2. so beautifully described, the reader can “paint” the picture in his mind. We have all experienced all you described, we sometimes just don’t take the time to stop and listen, etc.

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