mo’ me: coming soon

fresh off my 3-city, experience-laden tour of the West coast, I return home chock-full of stories and anecdotes to share on my blog.

…meeting an incredible sister (and her family) for the 1st time
…soaking up the unconditional love of my biological family
…enjoying the pleasantness of a vacation within a drama-free relationship
…my observations of (and longings for) a California lifestyle
…the blessings of true friends–both new and those I’ve missed so much
…and much more…

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my purpose–present and future. in the process, I gained a renewed zeal for writing and sharing for the benefit of self-expression and for others who might benefit from what I have to say.

so what will it be?

maintain the status quo


move forward with the momentum I discern


5 thoughts on “mo’ me: coming soon

  1. Forward is the direction of progress… I really enjoyed meeting you in person. I wish we could have had more time together! I’m happy for all your adventures and look toward to meeting again soon, until then I’m gonna try to read your blog 🙂 xoxo … Hugs to u both xoxo

    • phillip!!!

      I just now noticed I hadn’t approved and responded to your comment!!!

      it was so great meeting someone i admire! the fact that an “out” dad has successfully raised his sons and maintains a strong relationship with them is such an inspiration to me!

      the fact that you’re sweet as my mamma’s banana puddin’ is icing on th’cake!

      I look forward to seeing you again soon and continuing to deepen our friendship.

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