i am made of light. I am made of stars.

so it’s the first day of 2011. I’ve been thinking about writing ever since I woke up. That has to be a good sign.

as i blogged yesterday, I’ve been tossing around the concept of my whole Self for a long time. not an original ©-type idea, I know. (although I think capitalizing the word Self was a nice touch.) I wrote a post about the idea in the fall of 2009 but never published it. (I hope to publish it early this year.)

so…Mind. Spirit. Body.

the three facets of me. (I’m sure there are more…but that’s as far as I’ve gotten in my exploration.)

in that order. (Body has usually gotten top billing.)

i’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks…that if I focus on these facets of my life, in this order, I can improve my overall Self in ways that I’ve only dared consider. I figure if I expand my mind that I will gain more insights into being in touch with my spirit and a clear, strong mind and an enlightened spirit will only lead to a stronger body. ok that sounded like a good idea.

I’ve been making notes of things that I can do to focus on each area of my Self. (that handy Notes app is tha bomb.) here are the notes I made on how I can improve my mind:

  • reading. (ohhhhhhhhhhh how long has it been since I’ve read a book! and I love books. I love to have them. but I don’t make time to read them.)
  • journaling and writing.
  • meditating. (this may be more of a spirit thing but it feels more mind to me. Ok I wanna do that finger/thumb thing like Julia Roberts’ character did in Eat. Pray. Love. And I want to go to all those places.)
  • reading magazines (yes! I subscribe to several but I don’t take time to glean from them)
  • visiting the library (did you know people still go there? my tweep @J1970K says he goes there once a week and checks out books on tapes and previews CDs. another tweep @wideeyedandwild has suggested a couple books from genres we both like so why not check those out from the library.
  • engaging in relevant conversationswith friends and people I trust.

(hopefully the poll will work and I can accept your suggestions through my blog.) ***ok I’ll figure that out later…feel free to comment your suggestions

tomorrow, I’ll discuss my list for spirit and why I chose to call it that.

so today…I did a little work on all the facets of myself.

I slept in. (body)

I made love to someone I love. (spirit and body)

I fed my family. (spirit)

i watched movies and relaxed. (mind, spirit, body)

[don’t worry: I won’t detail this every day.]

and yes…I read. (mind)

a little book carried in my bag for months before sitting on my nightstand for months, loaned to me by my friend Kelly and promoted heavily a few months ago by our friend @randmhappnstanc (and others years ago): The Four Agreements.

the book has been beckoning to be read and I just ignored it, made excuses to keep from reading it…didn’t have time, couldn’t stay awake, too busy.

but, as a part of my resolve to improve my whole Self, I started reading it. and just pages into it, I realized the message of this little book is exactly in line with how I’ve been feeling about Life and my Self and the pursuit of Being. my friend Smurf introduced me to the concept of The Universe back in late 2009 but i’d kinda plateaued on my exploration of it.

but this beautiful passage resonates so deeply with my mind. and my spirit:

It is true. I am God. But you are also God. We are the same, you and I. We are images of light. We are God.”

(I hope to finish this book tomorrow.)

I also received a link from my friend Kenny about religion and the issue of homosexuality. there, the author explains the pointless nature of using the former to dispute the latter in a way and for reasons I had never paused to consider. she concludes:

“Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.” (1 John 4:7-8)

so yeah, it feels good to open up my Mind. and my Spirit is totally enjoying the vibe.

but if you’ll excuse me, I have to return to the 227 marathon and my annual Dr. Pepper.

Mind and Body you know.

10 thoughts on “i am made of light. I am made of stars.

  1. since i didn’t get mentioned i’ll comment…ha!

    This is good stuff. I’m committing to do more of the same. Particularly writing and reading that isn’t tied specifically to my 6th graders. And the reading will include being more faithful to your blogging. Seriously.

    I’m proud for you that you are beginning to speak of “God” again. 🙂

    Love you!

    • thanks Pam! I can always count on you, even if I have to “beg” for comments haha

      even tho I haven’t quoted you directly yet, you figure in heavily to what I say, including the last 2 things I’ve posted. many ideals are things you figured out long ago (always been way ahead of me). and when I speak of dear friends, you’re always there.

      of course I’ll be citing you directly in the future I’m sure. especially if you Ever order those “pajama jeans” haha

      as far as the mention of “God”…I’m slowly being willing to let go of some of the bitterness I feel about the brainwashing of religion. that said, whether I call it “God” or “The Universe” it really quite simply is “Love” and that has never left me. (:

      love you back!

  2. I love that you’re blogging so much lately 🙂 the constant quest of self improvement is one of the most important in life (I think). Happiness comes from within, so nourishing yourself on all levels can only lead to a more fulfilling life. Keep it up boo 😀

    • thanks Mikal. I know it seems elementary but some of this stuff is new to me haha

      hopefully I can start some new habits this year that will help take me in
      some new directions.

      thanks for commenting.

  3. i too am happy to hear you again talk of “God” as part of your spirit. your spirituality has always been there……….just maybe ignored for a while. and i get that……..but you know that religion and spirituality are two COMPLETELY different things.

    i need to do exactly what you are talking about as well. i haven’t read a book in months; i haven’t written in even longer.

    so you’re inspiring me bro…..lead on!

    • thanks BGF for the encouragement.

      I am going to take a shot trying to expand my mind and understand that “spiritual” part of my Spirit, which should be easier now that my Spirit is finally free.

      thanks for taking this journey with me and remaining a loyal friend!

      let’s do this!!!

  4. Great blog. Yesterday we had a fruit feast with our best friends (you can view a pic on my FB page). We went around the table discussing the books we read this year, what they meant to us, and our goal for this years reading. Then we each discuss our proudest moments of 2010, and what we want to accomplish in our mind, body, and spirit this year. With each of us comes very different goals, not only some surface goals, but many very deep things of our individual souls. For each thing we named, we chose a piece of fruit and what it symbolized to us for our year to come. For an example, goals that encompassed finances, we might choose pineapple because it’s rich in taste and gold in color. It was by far the best New Years day for me.

    I wanted to share this, because I feel like this blog was similar to what we did yesterday. We put it all out there for our best friends to see, now we can be held accountable through out the year, by those who love us!

    Thank you for sharing Todd. BTW, I go to the library still and really love it. I read 12 books this year and plan on increasing that to 14 or maybe more next year! 🙂 Reading is so enriching, in every way. Yay for more reading!!


    • I think my goal–the vision for myself– would be characterized by a pomegranate…odd yet attractive, complex but also simplistic inside, sweet and sour. and hopefully, like the many seeds inside: prolific.

      thanks for reading, sharing your insight (what a neat new year’s tradition), and encouragement. feel free to offer your accountability too! you are certainly one of those individuals I referenced in my last 2010 post. very proud of you.

      and thanks for making me believe in libraries again! (:

  5. Have you read “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh?

    If not, I recommend it 🙂

    But even more I found a lot in the Gospel of Thomas. Which sounds similar as your book (which I don’t know).


    • hey you figured it out! yay.
      no, i haven’t read that book….and i’ve heard of that one particular gospel….
      i’ll check ’em out…!

      thanks Roy!

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