raise your hand if you love to text

which would you rather do: call someone or text them?

if you’re like me, you’d much rather text someone than talk to them on the phone. I love it and generally I would much rather engage this way (or some other social networking mechanism).  I don’t know why exactly; but the thot of getting on the phone with someone and having to talk to them almost makes me cringe. except on rare circumstances, like when I’m talking to family or a friend I haven’t talked to in a long time.

so why is texting so great?

  • I can text when I (or they) can’t otherwise talk, like in a waiting room, a meeting, or a concert.
  • it’s quick, especially if you’ve got wicked awesome texting skills.
  • I can do it and go on with what I’m doing. (heck, i’ve texted with the BF and the boys from within the same room)
  • it’s fun to be able to comment on someone or something right when it’s happening but you don’t want to make the comment out loud. (i.e  “can you believe he just said that?!”)
  • it provides a written record of what you’ve sent which is particularly useful when you’re dealing with your children.
  • and if I’m being honest, when I text, I don’t have to give my attention over to a phone call.

it’s funny though, I’ve caught myself in this prolonged texting conversation—multiple, long texts—and finally I’m like “what the heck! why don’t I just call?!!”

my younger son was just showing me this awesome evolution of texting called “HeyTell” where they speak to each in a transmission via text.

dad—it’s so much better than texting!

he speaks and then it sends the voice quip via text message. the friend replies back and immediately my son is notified of and listens to his friends “voice text.” as I sit here and watch him, it reminds me of people talking on a CB radio. (wow am I old!)

I was all excited, prepared to dash to the iTunes app store when I stopped and thought:

ok. really?!
why not just pick up the phone and call?!

so what about you? which do you prefer? or do you hate texting?


7 thoughts on “raise your hand if you love to text

  1. I hate calling people too. I’d much rather text or tweet
    than talk. When you text, you can work or sit in class, and not
    really cause a disturbance. Plus tweeting is safer. What if you
    meet said person in person, and they turn out to be a total creep?
    If all they have is your twitter, you can block them. If they had
    your number, you’d have to get a new number. And social networking
    requires you to keep up with less numbers and addresses…it has
    replaced address books and rolodexes. You can keep up with friends
    without having to have an hour-long conversation with them. You

  2. I honestly believe I’m too old for texting. It takes me far
    too long for my big clumsy fingers to type out a coherent sentence.
    But I do agree, I would much rather email that actually speak to
    someone. I used to have relationships that were entirely answering
    machine-centric. I would call when I knew people were not home…
    and they called when I wasn’t home. It was quite nice.

    • I rue the day when I feel too old to keep up with technology haha

      my 81 yr old mother wants to “learn that email” and I guess we should teach her. but no way will any of us show her how to text. haha

      I agree with u man! this is exactly how I felt when email started! “I don’t have to get up and go to someone’s office or call them!!” haha

      love the answering machine comment. i still do that with voicemail!

      thanks for commenting!

    • omg I hate that!
      there are PPL at work who I will email and I turn around and they’re at my door! lol

      thanks for commenting!

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