a short post even my WW friends might read

i cannot tell you the blessing that friends are to one’s life…joyful, loyal friends.

some i see every week or less; some pop in on FB/text/email now and then; and others i’ve never met (tweeps) but bless me all the same.

the value you all add to my life is beyond explanation. i consider myself truly #blessed to have you all in my life.

7 thoughts on “a short post even my WW friends might read

  1. Hey Boo-Thang … You’re right … It is an extreme
    blessing to be surrounded by so many that gave a genuine care and
    concern for you and all that happens to you. But be not
    near-sighted … ‘Tis also a great bleeding to be called “friend”
    by the likes if you, sir. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t get me
    wrong, I do believe you to be blessed. But you definitely do that
    “pay out forward” thing well by pissing on the blessing to us.
    <3, Me

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