the winter hair poll

india.arie has a song called “i am not my hair” … this is the chorus:

I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations no no
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am a soul that lives within.

ok yeah that’s great and all but, i kinda am my hair. it’s a way i express myself. and i get bored easily.

so i’d like your input on what to do this Saturday. (vote below.) i’ve been growing it out for a few months and i’m really stuck. like my son, i have a high hairline which is receding a bit. (just a bit!!) and these bangs just aren’t working.


Longish (that awkward in-between phase)


short sides / med top

pretty short all over

probably the shortest of 2010

short sides, med bangs

the mid-70s slick-back

the early 80s "pre-Caesar"

the mid-80s part down the middle

"The Ellen" (2005)

(those last 4 hot styles were just thrown in for perspective…so you can see from whence I came.)

Note: Robert’s vote counts twice and I have the right to disregard the results of this poll.

8 thoughts on “the winter hair poll

  1. you know me…………..i am my hair also. so i’m weighing in. i like the short sides medium to longish top. that cut is you. that is all.

  2. short sides medium top, definitely… you can do so much
    with that – up or messy… all good stuff. I’m currently just
    growing mine… If I can’t pull it up, I’m not happy. I rarely wear
    it down, but I like messy updos, whether intentionally messy or
    just knotted up for a day working in the yard… so, mine will
    probably hit my butt before I start trying to figure out if I want
    to do anything else with it… oh yeah, and I quit coloring it
    too…. OMG gasp! Julie doing something a’natch! when did that
    start ? LOL!

    • LOL!!! you were supposed to be able to vote on my poll but i closed it since i’ve already got my hair did. 🙂

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