4 thoughts on “Facebook or Twitter?

  1. these are GREAT!!!! I saved a few of them and I’m going to have a discussion with my 6th graders about it next week. We’re reading “Romeo and Juliet” (modern, 6th gradish version) and my idea is to have them status and tweet as either Romeo or Juliet as we read!

    There’s a foundation here in Wichita Falls that pays for all 6th graders to attend a student performance of an Opera at the Myerson Symphony Center each year in Dallas. I get to take my group to see Romeo and Juliet in two weeks!

    • there are so BRILLIANT examples of twitter and FB with historical figures (think founding fathers) … and some others that are like that. so smart.
      the Romeo & Juliet one should be priceless!
      Myerson, eh? awesome!

  2. you know i’m not a tweep………….it would just be too addicting……….

    but……that said……….maybe you could show me just a little

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