the results are in: a month of blogging & winter hair poll

ok I’m gonna change the tone a little on this last day of January and summarize my first full month of Dedicated, daily blogging. and of course: talk about my hair.

I have Not posted every day like I pledged (24 out of 31) but I Have written just about every day and It seems the daily writing is becoming habit–i think about it all the time: what to write, should i do a poll, responding to an issue that inspired (or enraged), and so on. and I do enjoy it.

It’s definitely helping prepare me for my other writing projects–which is really the goal–and helping me in other areas, as well. (I’ll be recycling some of a couple posts in my Toastmasters speech this week. shhhhhh.)

the boyfriend has expressed no ire toward me for my excessive writing activities. he’s actually quite supportive. (i know he prefers it to my incessant tweeting!)

a lot of friends have been supportive of it, too–even if some of them don’t read it all (it can get exhausting) or comment. ever.

despite that, i’m getting a fair amount of traffic, averaging 36 hits a day this month (just over 1100 total) and have had a 224.35% increase just in the last week alone. so I must be doing something right.

I’ve been working on publicizing my posts through Facebook and twitter. I’m wondering if my FB friends and tweeps get tired of me hawking my blog daily. I honestly just want to get my blog out there so more people–beyond my circle of intimates–can be encouraged by my story.

heck, maybe even Ellen will read it some day.

and now onto the other result of my January blogging: the hair poll. (

I was surprised that it was as close as it was. the boyfriend wanted me to cut it; the overwhelming comments indicated they liked the “medium length top/short sides” popularized in most of my 2010 looks. my hair guru apparently agreed, left my bangs, and:

so here I am… still blathering away.
energized, focused, and purposeful.

with really great hair.

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