SUPERBOWL or OSCARS? which are you more excited about?

February brings about two of the biggest events of the year. no, I’m Not talking about Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day.

I mean The Superbowl and The Oscars.

now supposedly everyone has this all figured out: generally, the straight men like ’em some Super Bowl while the women and gay men like the Oscars. (not sure about my lesbian sisters…)

everyone who knows me knows I love the Oscars. dearly. but I like me some good man-on-man contact and a good Super Bowl party too. (that said, I could be no less interested in this year’s matchup. so bring on th’Peas and pass th’chips! or some of Ellen’s “guacatila.”

to solve this debate once and for all, I’ve created a Highly scientific poll. its result should provide some insight into whether these stereotypes are true or just hype.

8 thoughts on “SUPERBOWL or OSCARS? which are you more excited about?

  1. The Superbowl? That’ s like American rugby isn’t it? Being Canadian, I can play stupid. I like the Oscars (just hate the boring categories that take up three hours in the middle and acceptance speeches).

  2. I generally loath foo-ba, but especially so now that its in
    our area – the thought that ppl were imposed with rolling blackouts
    while the stadium was exempted from the same really hacked me off.
    I would rather watch the oscars than the stooper bowl if I had to
    pick one, but the oscars has turned in to too much of a political
    platform – we pay these people to be someone they AREN’T, so that
    means I probably don’t want to hear what they have to say unless
    they are in character. I find the stoop bowl a great time to go to

  3. This year, I’m not really interested in either. it would
    typically be a toss up but this year’s big game doesn’t interest me
    and I’ve been do oblivious to the things going on around me lately
    that I couldn’t tell you who might be nominated for what – let
    alone who I think should win in each category. It is strange though
    … I’m a true performer and creative person and so I live for
    awards shows, but this year I’m just like blah. On the other hand,
    none of my teams are playing and so there us no real point in being
    interested in the game. I elk be at a bridal expo tomorrow.

    • dude u are so my kinda people! I’m gonna make it my goal to
      get u pumped about the Oscars so we can do a live chat or something
      from my big Red Carpet party I’m planning haha thx for taking time
      to comment and vote!

  4. FB comment from the 23 y/o son:

    “I accidentally voted gay male: superbowl. Went back and voted again, so subtract a gay man.”


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