12 thoughts on “little happy tdub

    • haha thx Julie. I think this was before they got me, maybe
      when I’d come back to visit from the adopted mom’s house after she
      and the adopted dad had split up. Gloria never lost hope of getting
      me back.

    • wow Polly! you’re reAding my blog?! awesome! you’re one of
      my dearest friends in my life. (you too Jules!)

      • Yes I’m reading and enjoying it!! I am so glad your on the
        Obama wagon…..Remember the political arguments we used to
        have……I want to get together with you and Robert soon…..Lets
        go to Hank’s one night….I’m always free during the week. Oh yea I
        love the hair… You are a hotty!!!!

      • yes we MUST hang out sometime soon! thanks for reading …
        be glad for you to comment any time!!! and thanks EVER so for the
        hottie comment LOL!!!! too bad I never heard that in HS!! love

  1. I see them both in this pic….for the first time, really…so sweet. Most of all….I see YOU…in this pic. hopeful, happy, ready to learn and DO…and affect the world at large. That’s Todd.

  2. yay!!!! i hope it’s a gold one!!!! the blue and red ones are fine…but…still….a GOLD one!!! :??? is it a GOLD one??? (and…where is the chart? is it on your fridge? cause…..i so want it to be on your fridge…front and center!!! (sorry…i’m pressing the boundaries of affirmation whore only because i suffer from this malady as well!!!)

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