admitting you have a problem is the first step.

social networking requires an enormous amount of energy. there are so many fascinating people and interesting topics out there that I could stay plugged into my twitter feed 24/7.

just ask my boyfriend.

tweeting things about one’s life and observations—no matter how mundane—in 140 characters a pop  is part of the experience; but to cultivate a constant twitter feed, you must go beyond just being witty and interesting and engage others individually and through groups. doing that is taking up so much of my time and energy—no matter what a wicked-awesome multi-tasker I am.

what’s more, I am increasingly disgruntled with Facebook and the generally shallow nature of its content (to which I most definitely contribute). I am finding that people don’t come to Facebook to engage in deeply serious issues or thoughts or to join causes or to comment on them for that matter. they are busy with their own lives, their own issues, and don’t live and breathe it like I’ve somehow misconstrued they do. I realize that Facebook is merely a way to keep people who are connected to me updated on goings-on and for me to stay connected to them. it is not a bully-pulpit.

that is what my blog is for.

i truly enjoy the connection social networking provides and how it extends far beyond the boundaries of geography. but it’s also a serious addiction, er, distraction from other things that need my time and energy and the purpose I pronounced at the start of this year.

  • I have some significant relationships here at home that require time and attention.
  • I have projects paramount to my future that must gain my devotion and focus.
  • I need to more deeply immerse myself in gaining knowledge and widening my own personal point-of-view through others.

so…something has to give.

therefore, I’ve decided to limit tweeting to issues that are important to me and to exchanges with my closer friendships and people who tweet me. I plan to limit the amount of time I tweet to a few in the morning and a set amount of time in the evening. and maybe a little on my lunch break.

(wow, is this what trying to quit smoking is like?)

further: no more (or very little) tweeting and driving (this is gonna be hard) as I want to devote that time to enriching my mind through meditative topics and books—despite the craving for outside connection I know I will most certainly experience.

I will continue to Facebook when I have something important to say or stay in touch with someone, and comment as I’m led. that said, I do need to be a more purposeful Facebooker by checking on the pages of those closest to me who are using this medium to keep me (and others) connected to them.

AND…I will continue to blog—and do so with even greater purpose. blogging is cathartic for me and it’s providing a great base of material for my other projects. I have a voice and I believe sharing that voice may help others face their struggles, encourage them, and increase my own understanding of my experiences.

this “first step” (I wonder if there are 12?) should probably be a hiatus but I simply don’t think I’m strong enough to just quit “cold turkey.” and I don’t think I need to quit. afterall:

all things in moderation, right?

7 thoughts on “admitting you have a problem is the first step.

  1. quit. Cold TURKEY. just ONE of those things. hell…i can’t figure out which one..just ANY one. And spend that time getting STARTED.

    TELL your story in ONE…SOLID…complete line of thinking….and I’m all ready understanding that i have MANY stories to tell…but….THIS ONE…is the beginning. GET THIS ONE OUT.
    TELL IT.
    and then.
    we move on from there.

    • nah… i’m gonna write it as it hits me, when i am inspired. and stay connected. follow the plan outlined in my blog. it’ll work. gonna get in a pattern…. trust me.

      • well…duh…of course i trust you. always have. DUH.

        it will work. i know that. just gonna do what i do…and you’ll do what you do…and…it will work. 🙂

    • haha i’m quite sure there already are social network support groups…!
      it’s just managing my desire to participate and use it toward doing more important things with my time….
      thanks for commenting sis!

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