it’s oscar night!

besides Christmas, Oscar Sunday is my favorite holiday of the year!

not a holiday you say? (or even an exciting event, like my friend the Gay Groom) well, to me, it is just as much a holiday as any other. and as the minutes tick down, i am getting more and more excited.

have an exciting menu planned…

the outfit all worked out…

all i couldn’t find was a red carpet for our one friend coming over to celebrate.

i don’t know why i like them so much. i remember always watching pageants with my mother as a kid. (my dad only watched because of the “soft porn” via the swimsuit competition.) i acted in high school and once received a “best actor” award at a competition. i’ve always loved movies and get caught up in the history and odds of Oscar.

anyway, it’s time to go get ready, get the hors d’oeuvres going, and tune in the red carpet pre-show.

you can see my predictions here. still on the fence about Supporting Actress. i’m not sure how this Franco/Hathaway thing is gonna work but i’m more than willing to play along.

i’ll be blogging and tweeting during the whole event…geeze i’m so excited!

2 thoughts on “it’s oscar night!

  1. I like most of the show too… It’s just those boring 30 or 40 awards in the middle that get tiring 🙂 I ‘ll be tweeting along with you… until those boring awards, at least. Will be ‘ironic’ (not mean! There’s a difference. 🙂

  2. Have fun big bro! I’m recording them, so will watch them post live show…looking forward to it. Go Natlie Portman and Javier Bardem!

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