what we need more of

found this on the internets [sic] (via this blog) and thought it very worthwhile. some of them are too true though a bit difficult to admit.


Information                       Wisdom

Shallow billionaires         Passionate teachers

Self-promotion                  Self-awareness

Multitasking              Control of our attention

Inequality                          Fairness

Sugar                                 Lean protein

Action                               Reflection

Super sizes                         Smaller portions

Private jets                         High-speed trains

Calculation                        Passion

Experts                              Learners

Blaming                             Taking responsibility

Judgment                           Discernment

Texting                              Reading

Anger                                Empathy

Output                               Depth

Constructive criticism       Thank-you notes

Possessions                        Meaning

Righteousness                   Doing the right thing

Answers                            Curiosity

Long hours                        Longer sleep

Complaining                      Gratitude

Sitting                                Moving

Selling                               Authenticity

Cynicism                           Realistic optimism

Self-indulgence                 Self-control

Speed                                Renewal

Emails                                Conversations

Winning                             Win-win

Immediate gratification     Sacrifice

what’s your favorite?

what you would add to this list?

please comment below.

3 thoughts on “what we need more of

  1. Very good list, Todd…especially agree that we need more personal responsibility (a lot more). Guess my only addition – cliche though it may be – is less talking, more listening. Keep it up, Handsome.

  2. More. Jesus’ teaching about poor
    Less. Cutting safety for most vulnerable

    More. Accepting historical truth
    Less. Denying that conservative anger isn’t race based

    More. Decisions made on facts
    Less. Falling prey to fear and hysteria

    More. Set policies based in reality
    Less. Delusion that you’ll win the lottery so low taxes are in your favor

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