random thots

Happiness DOESN’T depend on what happens??! Huh?! It’s: “how I choose to RESPOND to what happens?! WTF?!!

Fuck: PAIN is necessary for growth?!

I am a bad bad bad Gardner.

I am a bad banana friend. Explains a lot.

I have not paid attention to my plant’s instruction manual.

I do not like metaphorical Winter, either.

I am afraid. Of change, among other things.

I am a prisoner of my twig. TwigS.

Blinders are not helpful. Neither is hiding.

I do not really look good in tights.

I am sleeping with a Chicken. Or an ostritch.
So is he.

Un-learning is a lotta work.

I prefer raisons d’être. Don’t I?

I suck at relaxing.

But those “I’m worried that…”, “I can’t until…”, “Someday I will…”, and “What if…” chants are so engrained in me.
I don’t know how to dance.

Being STILL?!! Really?!

The answer is…Ralph?

I HAVE been resonating. (and I’m quite good at it.) Just the wrong thoughts. Energies. Messages.

Self-fulfilling programming?! That’s what it’s called?!

Augh. I am not a very positive person.

Oh my god this lady beside me is peeling a fkn guava with a plastic fork.

That R.W.E. Guy was pretty smart.

I have many boat-, yacht-, and helicopter-ppl in my life.

My moods seem to overshadow my Faith.

Ugh. I’m settling for a 5-life.

It’s SO FKN SCARY to l e t g o.

Omg: “I consciously stay focused on what I have to gain by letting go of that…messes up relationship.” oh wow. Wow.

The messy areas of my life are simply areas under construction.

I DO want that joy, happiness, and love.

“Even my yearning for sex is really a dyslexic search for Love.”

If I am not a happy person inside me, then nothing Outside will ever make me happy and able to feel love. [damn]

Now what?

5 thoughts on “random thots

    • i have scads of this stuff lying around….scribbled on pieces of paper, backs of envelopes, and my HEAD is full of it. i don’t know when i’ve struggled more with who i am inside and a lack of focus, with the world crushing down on me than i am right now. so there may be more of this “spoken word” poetry haha

  1. I love this! Sounds a bit like what wanders through my head at times. Some profound…some perplexing…some just plain nuttiness (but I like nuts especially almonds). In the randomness is truth. Keep it coming!

    • whew. that post was a tough one. some of it i’m having a hard time remembering what it meant. and that was just JUNE! thanks for reading 🙂 i’ll try to do better about WRITING!

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