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the younger son’s home from tonight’s road game.  we just finished the game experience recap.

(and also details about the importance of avoiding “bun oil” at whataburger, but i digress.)

what an exciting game—almost coming from behind to win, thanks in large part to his excellent effort toward the end of the 4th quarter.

some of you know what’s occurred lately and those who don’t: suffice it to say it’s been a rough few games for him. my heart has been heavy knowing the life lesson he’s experiencing, trying to encourage him, and yet give him ownership of the situation. he’s handled it as best he could—much better than I would have, that’s for sure.

anyway, the end of the conversation focused on how the freshman gunning for his position was pretty down about a disappointing end-of-game turnover and how he [instinctively?] “took him under his wing” to try and console him. as he told me what he said to him to encourage him, i could hear my own words (and the words of others who have mentored him through the years) coming out of his mouth. at one point, he put his arm around him and told him not to let what happened get to him, using his own current experience as a reference point. he even sat with him on the bus on the way home and added “we were cracking up with ‘little J’ (a JV player) before we got to benbrook to eat.”

i thought to myself, “that can’t have been easy,” consoling the kid who would ruin his much-hoped for senior season; but i realized that’s because i am seeing it through my eyes. i’m quite certain these words and actions came quite easily and naturally for him.

i’m proud of him and all my sons for so many reasons. however, stories like this about them illustrate precisely what amazing young men they are. it’s this kind of leadership, this type of character that make me most proud.

we lost the game tonight, but without a doubt, he is a winner in my book—for so many reasons.

and so of course: i had to share.

more about my sons: here and here.

9 thoughts on “pride

  1. hayden is TRULY one of the finest examples of character that i have seen in ANYone, but particularly for someone his age. he just exudes what is right in a person, and he is a great example of what a “christian” is supposed to be – a complete 180 from what we see from so-called christians these days. i am proud to be his friend – his momma j!!

    • he’s learned a lot from the people who have touched his lives…particularly an older brother who behaves in a very similar, gracious manner. thanks for being an extra mom to him all his life!

  2. You raised him well. This is just one more good example of the kind of father you are and the kind of man he will grow up to be.

  3. I told my daughter the other day: you are a better mother than I ever was..

    She said: aw mom! NO!

    I told her: Its OK, its not a statement based on depression or regret! I stand in awe of the woman and mother you have become! Its a statement of celebration!

    I believe that arriving at these emotional destinations is one of the most important things we can do as parents… transcending that periof of “child” to “admired friend” is not a trip most parents take the time to make….

    Kudos to my Todd for taking the time to sit back and note his growth!!!

  4. Love your boys. They are a shining example of what good parenting is. Yay for Hayden, such a sincere and thoughtful young man. How lucky am I to have both your boys as nephews and how lucky is Ms. Sophie to have such fantastic role models as cousins!

  5. that u share such private stuff is just awesome; sometimes when im depressed i read ur blog; after all u have gone thru and deal with…ur inspire

    • i probably over-share … but i feel compelled to do so… i’m glad you enjoy reading the blog; hope you find encouragement!

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