in a funk (or is this what relaxing looks like?)

since the new year ticked midnight, i’ve done absolutely nothing.

i visited my mother a couple times. made some food. i think i showered.
watched a couple movies. couple bowl games.
swept the floors. did some laundry.
oh and i updated the graphics and changed the theme of my blog.

but yeah, basically nothing. haven’t even social networked much.

(no, wait. i haven’t showered.)

tomorrow starts the new work week and there’s a game tomorrow night. so there’s that.

i gotta get out of this funk.

(and i gotta take a shower.)

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One thought on “in a funk (or is this what relaxing looks like?)

  1. Happy New Year…I’ve been in the same funk. We all had the flu or something and seemed to have missed Christmas and the first couple days of 2012…I have showered though!

    I think I like your new design here…not sure…my old mind doesn’t do so well with change anymore and it will take some getting used to.

    …and, here I go, starting off the year with rambling bramblings — Todd, I pray that this year is a good one for you and a wish you good health, lots of love and a mountain of joy. It shall get better (for all of us)…it must get better….

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