feeling 030712

In an attempt to make my blog more real by challenging myself to be more honest, I’m trying to write about things I feel when I feel them without a second thought or taking time to edit it….today is one of those exercises…written in one rambling draft …

(i’m fine; i’m not suicidal; i’m not seeking pity or anything like that; i’m just expressing myself.)

and in an attempt to be more creative, i’m making this a “multimedia” post.

turn on your sound (music will start mid-way) and click the image above to open and play the file.

4 thoughts on “feeling 030712

  1. Just finished playing your blog entry. You have such a way of expressing your own thoughts and feelings, I am truly impressed. Although they are your own feelings, you know that we all have the same thoughts, at least I do, since I’m similar in age. I am so glad that our paths have crossed, and that I can count you as a friend Todd. It is a truly wonderful world when you can surround yourself with friends such as you. Take care.

    • and people ask me why i tweet….lol!
      appreciate you being alongside me on the journey! appreciate you!

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