deep roots

I come from a family–both biological and adopted–of very strong, enduring people. I realized long ago I was cut from the same cloth and as I have gained family, the notion has only been reinforced. Our sons have this strength in their genes too, tho I’m not sure they realize it.

In Sunday’s lesson, Dr. Jo mentioned the need for deep roots to withstand life’s storms. She referenced a story about a man who had planted a grove of trees but did not “over-nurture” them by frequently watering them, forcing their roots to reach deep for water, making them much stronger in the process.

A thought hit me and I scribbled on a piece of paper

I have deep roots.

Little did I know that in two days, my strength would be challenged by the most terrifying storm of my life. But what I am realizing is that despite this agony our family is enduring, my roots and the roots of my children run deep.

Immediately after Zach’s diagnosis yesterday, he looked at me and said,

Wow, Dad. I never thought I’d call myself a ‘cancer survivor’.


That comes from deep roots.

And the other thing I am realizing is that there is a forest around me–a forest of family and friends whose roots are deep as well. They are hedged up around us, helping shield us from these gale force winds blowing without respite.

It is good to be strong; I realize that the prior storms in our lives have made our roots run as deeply as they do.

And it is good to be surrounded by strong people that shelter us from the stormed that will–and do–come.

7 thoughts on “deep roots

  1. you don’t realize how deep those roots are until they’re tested…….. and isn’t it great that the SECOND he was faced with this, he identified as a survivor, rather than a victim….

  2. Love your message here. So awesome that Zach has such a positive outlook. He’s a great kid!

  3. Zach’s roots were developed & nurtured by you & the rest of the important folks in his life…he is one wise and strong young man….prayers and healing tthoughts are with him.

  4. There are good lessons to be learned in knowing nature and ourselves. BTW, check out the fruit “soursop.” If you can find it… it may be helpful.

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