Jesus of Nazareth would not eat Chick-Fil-A

Christianity will be embarrassed today and its witness further eroded by the throngs of Christian-identified peoples and other bigots lining up to celebrate Chick-Fil-A’s “brave stand” in the matter of using the Bible as justification for the marginalization of homosexuals and the ensuing attempt to deny gay and lesbian American citizens equal rights.

In Truett Cathy, Chick-Fil-A,  and their delicious ‘chikin’ sandwiches served with a side of hate, the religious right has finally found a new champion in its quest to promote its agenda of bigotry, hate, and discrimination all snugly wrapped up in biblical justification and a side of waffle fries. Not that finding such a business was easy. Sure, you can go to thousands of churches on any given Sunday and hear these un-Christian messages proclaimed from their altars. But to find a business willing to state that it is openly willing to discriminate against a subset of American citizens—well that is an accomplishment indeed; I can imagine the Right hopes Chick-Fil-A becomes their coup de grâce in this “holy war.”

Am I upset that these people are exercising their first amendment right to freedom of religion, speech, and peaceful assembly (which would include eating aforementioned delicious chikin)? Absolutely not; in fact, I am exercising mine similarly, only refusing to spend my money at Chick-Fil-A.

But I am sorely disappointed that Christian people—those who purposefully claim to follow Christ’s example of love—fail to stand against such bigotry and even hypocrisy. I even have Christian friends (though not after today…more on that in tomorrow’s blog) who are  posting statuses about and even going there today!

There is absolutely so much hate and ignorance in this stand that  it is beyond my comprehension to understand. The photo recently taken of the Palins (which I won’t show here) giving a thumbs-up is just disgusting. I can only compare it to someone with their to-go order giving a thumbs up in front of an establishment refusing to take down their “Whites Only” signs.

Though history shows us countless examples otherwise, Christians know better than to behave like this. Beyond political disagreements about what rights a United States citizen should have (i.e. marriage equality), celebrating the discrimination of another human being is wholly opposed to the message of the Jesus these people claim to follow. In fact, I believe our Bible calls for a completely different kind of activism.

What people should be asking (and i know this is cliché) is not

“Would Sarah Palin eat at Chick-Fil-A?”
(and the answer is “of course she would; her son uses the word fag as an insult”)


“Would your Jesus eat at Chick-Fil-A?”

I maintain that he would not.

So to those of you, particularly Christ-followers, celebrating Chick-Fil-A’s “brave stand,” shame on you. Though you have every right to patronize them as do I to boycott them, our God teaches otherwise—and in far more abundance scripturally than the seven verses you use to attempt to discriminate against me, other homosexuals, and our families.

I hope that as you eat your “delicious chikin,” waffle fries, and that amazing honey-roasted barbeque sauce, you’re able to discern that curious bitter taste and that it stays with you in the form of an uncomfortable spiritual indigestion.

Because that taste and that uncomfortable feeling are the remnants of hate which you spent money on and allowed to nourish your body.

You really know better.

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7 thoughts on “Jesus of Nazareth would not eat Chick-Fil-A

    • In the bible Jesus ate with sinners, tax collectors, and those that needed his teachings most. While I disagree with the post above, if we were to accept the premise that those eating at Chick-Fil-A are sinners, Jesus would be among those eating there, having a sandwich and sharing the Word.

      Personally, I think that many going there are motivated more as a reflex from the political left attempting to make hay on a contrived gay-righta issue when the truth is that this is about freedom of speech.

      Chick-Fil-A does not discriminate to any of their employees (that we have heard of thus far and I am sure liberals are searching high and low for such an employee) or their customers based on their sexual orientation.

      Thank you.

  1. It is very apparent that you are not aware of the context in which this whole debacle started, (or you don’t care and instead choose to shape the debate away from the real story). The CEO of Chick-Fil-A was asked a question on father’s day about fatherless families where there is only one parent, the mother, with which to raise the children. It was in this context that the term “traditional family” was brandished.

    At no time did gay rights, gay marriage or anything related to homosexual unions ever come up in the interview. Progressives have taken the ball and run with it far to the left and created a situation where you and others like you spew your intolerance and ignore the freedom of speech rights this man is allowed. A right you and I both exercised in your blog and my rebuttal.

    Thank you.

    • I think we’re talking about different interviews. Here’s what has people like me so upset.

      Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy didn’t merely say he supports traditional marriage. Dan Cathy said if you support gay marriage, you “are inviting God’s judgment on our nation,” and that we “shake our fist at Him” when we do. Dan Cathy also said same-sex marriage is the result of a “deprived” mind and called it “twisted up kind of stuff.”

      And Jesus would eat with sinners but I don’t think he’d support this kind of stance. They don’t openly discriminate against LGBT peoples. But they take our money and give it to groups that discriminate against us. The left hand absolutely knows what the right is doing and it’s not right.

      It’s their right to do it but wrong of Christian peoples to support discrimination of any kind.

      Thanks again for adding your perspective!

  2. I do think that Jesus may have eaten at Chic-fil-A…I like to think of my Jesus sort of like the honey badger…Jesus does what he wants! And really, the chicken is quite good. But I tend to imagine Jesus would arrive at Chic-fil-A with a gaggle of unseemly friends (by chic-fil-a standards). You know, people who weren’t still married to their first wives. Those sorts of people.

    Bottom line: Chic-fil-A may taste great, but it provides no real nourishment.

  3. People really should ask themselves WWJD: Or “What Would Jeffrey Do”. And I (Jeffrey) wouldn’t touch Chicky-Flicky or whatever the hell that bigoty hatey restaurant is called with a ten-foot pole. Actually I’d need a few thousand-mile pole as, happily, we don’t have the bloody things in Canada. Likely because the thought of fried chicken and waffles together sounds rather revolting to Canadians. We don’t like hate either. We do, however, like our marriage equality. I certainly do (being married and all).

    And while we are on the subject of American chicken – why does that Popeye’s Chicken lady call me ‘baby’ and ‘honey’ in the commercial. I find that a tad presumptuous of her.


  4. Another reason to raise and process my own chikins. You know I’m always looking for a good excuse…

    Honestly, i have ducked the issue, not commented, not taken a side. In my opinion, this has turned in to the best advertising campaign ever. I think both sides of the argument are being USED and EXPLOITED by some chik fil a genius who said “hey ya’ll, watch this! Bet our name will be all over the planet in record time. People who never even heard of us will want to taste what’s behind the argument.”

    And we all rose to the occasion…

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