my nest is now empty

Well the nest is empty.

As of this moment, for first time in over 21 years, I will have no children living with me.

The firstborn, who’s been mostly out of the house for some time, is now aloft, healed from his awful cancer and determined to find his way and make a place for himself. We both know it is his time.

The baby on this branch of our family tree is now moved into his new environment and out of my home for the first time in 19 years and some days.

During our prolonged goodbye at my car (I’d forgotten to leave him with pens and a sharpie!), which took up about 20 minutes, he reflected:

“I know I’ll always have a home with you. I’m gonna have to get used to this being my home and you not being here.”

And then, just as he non-chalantly eased into kindergarten that first day back in August 1999, so he did into college in August 2012.

A quick turn of the head back to me.
A flash of that same joyful, confident smile absent apprehension, eager to jump into what the future holds.

Now as I head back to gather the last of my belongings and embark on on next phase of my life, my heart sheds a tiny tear…and smiles…

Knowing it is time to let go.
Knowing I did the very best I could.
Knowing they will be ok.

As will I.

5 thoughts on “my nest is now empty

  1. How very sweet, Todd. It’s SO HARD to watch them walk away. Ugh. But he’s an amazing guy and will go on to do some really great things. Ya’ done good, man! (Pam, too!) 🙂

  2. {hugs} …and a few tears. My last is moving out and beginning her life with her fiancee…and taking her 2 yr old son. They’ ve been with us since his birth. So bittersweet, isn’ t it? Love to you… your son begins this new phase in his life, so are you! I wish you all enjoyable adventures on this new path and may much love continue to surround you.

  3. It sounds like you have an awesome relationship with your kids. Even though they may not live with you any longer, they will always live in your heart and you in theirs.

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