Ready to write

Tonight some friends and I began a 3-day spiritual journey of sorts, to be experienced as a part of community. But tonight–just silence and reflection. No social media, no email checking, and minimal outside contact.

Ok I got this. I can do this. An unfinished book on “being, better” I carry in my bag. Some journaling I otherwise never have time to do in my precious but still too empty moleskine.

Among the brief list of what to bring, they said, “your favorite pen.” Easy! I love pens and because I have my man-bag, I always have pens. (I wasn’t Mr. Uni-Ball® runner-up 2005 for nothing!)

So I get all prepared for bed and reflection time and pull out my book and moleskine. And I begin looking for a pen–perhaps that new Uni-Ball® Vision Elite 0.5mm blue pen I love to write with. Or that small pen I got at a trade show that they said was developed for an astronaut. I love that pen.

And would you believe ALL I have in my bag….

Two thick-tipped sharpies.

Not a single pen. Just sharpies.


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