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So many things running through my head right now after seeing “Her.”

Excellent and fascinating and I don’t even know what to think. my senses are so discombobulated. I felt the connection, deeply. His pain. The viscerality of their virtual relationship.


I was deeply affected by the writing: among of the best written movies I’ve ever seen. At least three specifically profound passages stuck out…(but I dared not pull out my phone to write them down…)

And the score! The music was sumptuous and fresh and blissfully concordant with the script; that rarely happens. Downloading it NOW.

*ding ding*

The whole thing: beautifully acted. If Phoenix was the film’s heart, Johansson was it’s soul.

But someone explain those damn weird pants.

Overall, “Her” was completely original Thought-provoking. Honest. Introspective. It took me to places I hadn’t conceived of–yet reminded me of the continuity of the human experience and how, no matter what (or when), we all desire connection above all. And always will.

** Samantha? **

One more thing: This vision of the future kinda makes the fuss over marriage equality in the twenty-tens seem downright provencial.

Image via http://www.behance.net/gallery/Her-Pattern-Portraits-1/11223441

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