Living a dream

Back in high school when I was watching my friends perform “Goodbye to the Clown” as a freshman in high school with a bit part…when I played the part of Christian in “Cyrano” as a junior and couldn’t quit laughing when I had to fake-kiss Donna Raburn…when I scored the lead senior year for a role in a comedy (I’ve forgotten the name) and would win a Best Actor award…

…and then auditioning for and winning a part in a college musical that I would not return to school for…

…never would i dream that upon reaching middle-age, the opportunity to participate in theater would present itself to me.


Tonight marks the fourth production–albeit small time, amateur gigs–that I get to take the stage in since my nest emptied in 2012. It also represents another deeply important piece of work, another–and the most–important character I’ve performed, following reading words of Cleve Jones and playing Ned Weeks. Horst is the role of my lifetime and I am deeply honored.

Beyond that, as wonderful as this experience is, I can’t believe I have the opportunity to be part of telling such timeless, relevant, and necessary stories like I am getting to do through theater and my association with the Dallas LGBTQ community, the Cathedral of Hope, and Hope for Peace & Justice.

Better late than never.

Ok…here goes. Wish me a broken leg.

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