58. lesbians

(#58 in a series of people who changed the course of my life)

Quite honestly, before coming out I had spent very little time (ok, zero) with lesbians (except the one who was my best friend before–and after–she came out). Then I met a lovely couple from work and the rest is herstory: I fell in love.

32 women--16 couples--representative of the many beautiful lesbians who have impacted my life

32 women–16 couples–representative of the many beautiful lesbians who have impacted my life

Over the years, these women have shown me what commitment and true love looks like. They are pioneers in our society, bravely–and often quietly–making lives for themselves in society. In a mostly unassuming manner, they show how their faith is perfectly married–pun intended–to their expressions of who they are as individuals and as couples.

And, while wanting to remain positive, I have to observe that in my experience, their love comes without so much of the “scene” seen among many male couples in our community. That doesn’t make them better or us worse but it is something to consider and much to glean from.

Going about one’s life, being exactly who you are, and living life precisely as one wants is exactly what these women–and many others like them–represent to me. And as a result, I have been significantly influenced to live my life in the same manner: being exactly who I am and living life precisely as I want.

Thank you, friends and hundreds  of thousands of women like you, for your powerful testimony to the world of what our love looks like, how to live life purposefully and with dignity, how to care for the person you love, and exude your own brand of joy to us all.

59. The face–and heart–of equality in Texas

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