It is the eve of a historic Supreme Court decision on marriage equality and I am providing this RARE, unapproved glimpse into the life of a gay couple following the Gay Agenda. The image below may contain content that will shock you and is not recommended for those who fear or stand against homosexuals and their kind.


Do not scroll down if you are not fully prepared for what you’re about to see.


Are you sure you want to continue??


Don’t say we didn’t warn you….


Two self-identifying members of the Gay Mafia engaged in scenes from "Gay Agenda"

Two self-identifying members of the Gay Mafia engaged in scenes from “Gay Agenda”

Yep. That’s right.

After a full day of working our jobs and preparing for a community-wide rally on the day the Supreme Court rules on marriage equality (the activist part), we came home and….

I gardened a little and hooked up the new water-hose I got at Home Depot. He helped and then made dinner. Then we sat down and watched HBO.

Yeah, that’s about it.

So there you have it. A glimpse into the top-secret Gay Agenda.

And now that you realize how normal we are, I hope you can understand why the outcome of this decision is so important to us. This moment in history could be what moves many of us out of “second-class” status and onto even footing with our heterosexual counterparts who–shocker–garden and shop at Home Depot and grill chicken just like we do–only with the ability to access the institution of marriage to validate their relationships and protect their families.

I hope you will use this information about the Gay Agenda wisely and share it widely.

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  1. Also report on my activity as a straight ally supporting marriage equality. I attended a bible study tonight and I came home to see the kids watching Pokemon shows.

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