55. they have my back

(#55 in a series of people who changed the course of my life)

As I have evolved over the last couple years, I’ve worked to become a staunch advocate in the struggle to end racism–listening, learning, showing up, putting my body into the movement, calling out racism when I see it, checking my own privilege. Though I am far from perfect, I hope that people of color know–and trust–I have their backs.

But last night–on the night we were celebrating the marriage equality victory–the tables were turned. Two young men of color gave my partner and I the most beautiful gift, in effect saying, “We have YOUR back.”

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 2You cannot imagine–or maybe you can–the overwhelming joy that washed over us through their magnanimous expression of purity and love. (Similar to the deluge after the rally only without the water!)

And as I stood there–speechless, if you can believe it–I couldn’t help but wonder…

Do they feel the same support from me for them? Do they know I have their back?
As they grow up black in Texas and America, do they feel I am not only cheering for them but working tirelessly to make sure their experience as Americans will never be what Trayvon and Michael and Tamir and so many others have experienced?
Do they believe that people in their faith community have their backs?
Are they afraid or are their young hearts still pure and untouched by hatefulness toward them?

These sweet boys–and millions like them–deserve my time and my advocacy and my passion and my challenging racism in every place I find or experience it. They will change the world–if we help ensure they can survive the world.

With this beautiful gesture, Eli and Cam showed they have my back.

Do we have theirs?

The future is in good hands with young men like these--as long as we have their backs.

The future is in good hands with young men like these–as long as we have their backs.

57. two of the sweetest men I know


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