The promise of tomorrow

Tomorrow, provided all goes according to plan, a new life comes into the world. A little boy–nurtured for nine months by his mother’s grace and strength–who already has a name and is so richly beloved by so many.

Tomorrow, Keaton Thomas Ferguson will take his first breath–and with it will breathe in life imbued with generations of love.

Tomorrow, Keaton will change the life of so many: a little boy–who prepared us for Keaton by allowing us to love him first–who will become a big brother; a set of adults will become first-time grandparents; a set of “little boys” who will become protective, enduring uncles. And a firstborn child will become a first-time father.

Tomorrow, our families will rejoice at the expansion love is revealing to us in the tiniest yet most magnanimous way: life–proving yet again that love is the most powerful force on earth.

Tomorrow, our hopes and dreams gain a little more clarity and grow a little bit stronger as our hearts grow to make room for someone else to love–someone who will show us how to love even more strongly.

Tomorrow–so much hope, so much joy in its promise.

Keaton–we can’t wait to meet you!

–Love you to the moon and back…

Technology has given us a glimpse in the life awaiting us on 7/8/15...

Technology has given us a glimpse of the life awaiting us on 7/8/15…

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