46. the “bear-able” LIGHTness of being

(#46 in a series of people who changed the course of my life)

I hope everyone has in their lives a person like Brian Brown. Jovial, positive, affirming are just a few of the words that describe a human being like Brian, who strives to channel light and love and radiate it to everyone around him.

Joy, happiness, light--that's #BrianBrown

Chief among many useful lessons, Brian has taught me to unequivocally embrace who I am—gay-Todd, hirsute-Todd, sex-positive-Todd, love-everyone-Todd. See, Brian knows that it’s healthy to love yourself—all parts of yourself–and seek enlightenment from a variety of sources to continue to refine our selves. And he is an evangelist for the power of positive thinking and for the banishment of negative thoughts, processes, and people who would detract us from a blissful existence that awaits us beyond the negative.

Deeply spiritual but not religious per se, Brian has served as not just my friend but one of the significant influencers in my realm—encouraging me to not only dream big but to pursue the desires of my heart with zeal. Early on as I grappled with the opportunity to leave my comfortable little cocoon for education, I went to Brian because I knew he would be able to look clearly into the situation, perceive my heart, and help me realistically talk through and process my fears. His encouragement and challenge to pursue my purpose is among the chief reasons why my mind was prepared once it was time to make the decision.

Further, Brian is among the most generous people you’ll meet. He’ll give you the shirt off his back—actually—whether or not he’s going to a pool party later.

Miguel and me with Brian earlier this year

Miguel and me with Brian earlier this year

From time to time, we joke with Brian about his crystals and his singing bowl and his other…pursuits. But no one doubts the impact purposeful, positive thinking has had on his life. And if you spend any amount of time in his his realm, those attributes will rub off on you.

I’m living, sunshine-y proof of that.

Afterall, “it’s all goodness and light!”

todd brbr

47. healing hearts with love

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