35. queer saints

(#35 in a series of people who changed the course of my life)

You still haunt me.

I wish I knew you–yet I know you intimately.

You had everything taken from you–yet you endured.

You had no reason to show grace, not to anyone (least of which a liar).
Yet you showed grace.

You had no reason to love, especially someone who used you.
Yet you loved, authentically and truly.

You had absolutely no reason to hope, no reason to believe your fate would be anything other than death.
Yet…somehow…you found enough hope to hold on.

pink triangle

Your spirit, Horst, lives in me.
Every time I show grace to someone.
When I am able to love despite the challenge
When I keep hope even in the darkest times.

Your spirit lives in all of us when we hold out a pink triangle and clutch it to our chests, the spot over our heart aching as we remember the pain that symbol caused you and so many of our people.

I cannot forget your words.

I will not forget you.

For you live in me.


Thank you prisoner 2202
36. su alegría se desborda (her joy overflows)

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