4. fRamily circle

(#4 in a series of people who
changed the course of my life)

When I imagine my fRamily—people we choose to be our family—I sometimes see us like that Family Circle cartoon—anyone remember that?

You know how the cartoonist would always show the movements of the children and mother by use of those big dashed lines. Well, as I reflect on the past three years here in Dallas, that’s what I see in my mind’s eye. A dashed-line map of the people nearest and dearest to me—some of them coming and going—moving from home to home, church to brunch, party to after-party, church to Gloria’s, pool to patio, and on and on.

Some of the very best times of my life have been in this city with these people.

The other thing I remember about that cartoon is how very much that family loved each other. So apt that love is the hallmark of this fRamily.

I think of that Travis-Lee and his exuberance and talent and just pure damn love of life.

I think of Chris who showed up out of nowhere to inject our group with his wit and his heart and demonstrating fierce loyalty and love. (I will be blogging soon about our NorCal adventures!)

I think of Jose who didn’t like me when I first got here but who’s become such a loving, reliable friend.

I think of Lynn and Mary Kay—so generous and loving and encouraging. When they love you, you are loved for life.

I remember how David loved us enough to challenge some things about us and in the process made us better people.

I think of other lovely folks like Mark and Kent, Brian and Neal, Dan, Tim, and so many others who joined with us in fram-ship.

I think of Brian Brown and Debby and Zanté, Mark and Raul, Frye, and of course Miggs.

I cannot imagine what I could have possibly done in my life to deserve to be surrounded by so.very.much.love. I could have written a blog about every one of you! You have constantly encouraged me, influenced me, and lifted me up. And I cannot imagine packing up and leaving you all behind, even if it’s temporary…and especially if it is not.

Yet I know that not one of you precious, loving, wonderful human beings will ever be far away. Always in my heart, and you in mine.

Little did I know when this picture was taken how very much these people would mean to me...

Little did I know when this picture was taken how very much these people would mean to me. (2012)

framily BTD swirls mark kent todd IMG_0024 1798074_10154691234345368_4203087082467953607_n 150780_10205736967875955_1991675433477261721_nluckys brunch


IMG_0018 IMG_0009 IMG_0087 IMG_0088


USSSbig framteam awesome1467458_10155695845105368_5820306904277573357_nus4

IMG_5929 copy IMG_4546 copy IMG_4502 copy IMG_2789 IMG_2787 IMG_2764 framily IMG_6818 copy IMG_6884 todd brian 2013 tdor

Out-at-Alexandres IMG_9865



framily circle

Following a prayer circle for me, my safety, and my strength (August 16, 2015)

5. a friend closer than a brother

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