1. you

(#1 in a series of people who
changed the course of my life)

You know who you are.

You made a place at your table for me.
You let me know you cared.
You hugged me when you saw me cry.
You prayed with me.
You prayed for me.
You smiled at me from a distance.
You smiled at me up close.
Made me bust out laughing.
You joined me in protest.
And in celebration.
You gave me an encouraging word.
You gave me advice when I needed it.
And when I thought I didn’t.
You were my scene partner.
You challenged me.
You confronted me in love.
You forgave me.
You trusted me.
You made me want to trust you.
You said I believe in you.
You have a calling.
You must rise up.
You told me to hold my head up.
You sat with me when no one else would.
You held my hand.
Handed me tissues.
Told me it would be ok.
You gave me flowers.
The shirt off your back.
A cup of water
You love me just like I am.

Yes, you.

I am nothing without you.
And everything because of you.

2. the sweetest man I have ever known

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