God of music and light, of strobe and disco ball

God of music and light, of strobe and disco ball,

God of the pipe organ and the 303 bass machine,

God of Latin chant and Latin rhythm,

God who smiles over night club dance floors,

We remember the wide stretch of Your love.

We remember how the hate of the small minded cost Jesus his life.

God, please draw close to the people of Orlando.

Please be sheltering, shimmering wings upon

every blessed person touched by this tragedy.

Be a mighty fortress, built of Pride and courage.

Bless every person who goes out dancing tonight in defiance of hatred.

May every hip, every eyelash, every sequin burn like a star in defiance of hate.

–Rev. Nancy Taylor, Old First Church Boston (adapted)
Read at the San Mateo-County Community Candlelight Vigil, June 15, 2016


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