Dear Trump Voter…

If you voted to elect this man, then you are partially to blame for normalizing this out-in-the-open, unholy behavior. [#WompWomp, and so much more] Not just by the president of the United States but also by his administration and millions of Americans who now feel such behavior is acceptable even though it is in blatant violation of Christian standards, much less moral behavior.

That said, it is not too late to repent. Not to just vote against this immoral, racist administration and every one associated with it every chance you get, but to actually come out and own your complicity in giving this much hate, this much vile inhumane and indecent behavior air and embodiment.
To repudiate the path that led us to such a shameful state of affairs.
To repent for the pain and suffering and peril this decision has placed the most marginalized members of our society, to the ruin of a nation and the mockery of a faith.

The lies need to stop now. And that includes the lies you are telling yourself to justify what you have done. If you voted for him for economic reasons, to protect your gain and privilege; for anti-gay, anti-Black, anti-immigrant reasons; because of her damn emails and your sexism; you can get past that—you Must—and do right by your countrymen and women…and migrant children…and transgender people…and school children…by admitting your part in all this and repenting of it. And then go forward as a part of the Resistance, educating yourself to the truth by reading books, hearing the actual voices of the oppressed AND LOOKING INTO THEIR EYES, and digging deeply into the sacred texts of the faith that will inform your heart of the truth, vowing to topple this regime and never again as long as you are able empower such evil and immorality or allow faith, particularly (but not only) the mighty name of Jesus, to be used to justify hate, EVER again.

Start today. I will be here for you. And we can walk as comrades, keeping one another honest and true to our vow of ongoing, living repentance. And maybe then, wounds will heal and we—you and I and all who call these stolen lands home—can move forward into meaningful reconciliation, respecting the dignity of all others and the earth and becoming a part of true and honest repair of our neighborhoods, our cities, this country.

And if you cannot do so, I will be here for you too. And here I will remain, until we let Love rule. Until we each of us lives into our divine potential as children of the cosmos at just this moment in history.

And beyond.

You can do this. And so can I.

We must.


In gratitude, a request…

One thought on “Dear Trump Voter…

  1. Well said! Electing Trump was a horrible mistake that will have lasting and grave consequences for the United States in particular and also for the world. But cultivating hatred towards those who, for one reason or another, caused this to happen won’t solve anything. If people are willing to change, we should welcome that!

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