To our Beloved Community

coh end of service

To our faith community Cathedral of Hope and the Dallas LGBTQ community:
In a few hours, we head west.

We head west in search of sacred work to do…
Looking for adventures to live into…
Hoping for transformation of systems, cultures, the church.

But we do not go alone.

We go with the hopes and prayers of a community…
The raised voices and fists of a hardy people…
The energy of a people who continue to #resist—

Who would not be quiet, stand down, or sit still…
Who have lost neither faith nor hope…
Who pray diligently, love fiercely, and labor patiently.

We go inspired by your struggle to overcome injustice…
To quash the demons of apathy and indifference…
To continue to show up, to #resist, to pray, to love.

Among you we found healing.
Discovered purpose.
Embraced the Divine within us.

And so we go.

We go because of you.
We go sent by you.
We go grateful for you…

Promising to be good stewards of all that you have given us…
Ambassadors for justice and unconditional love like you taught us…
Comrades alongside all who long for freedom and mercy.


Todd & Miguel

our first protest together

meq rally drone 062615



These Two.

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