Those two…

The kind of friends who would give you

— the shirts off their backs

— the shoes off their feet (their good ones)

— a place to call home

The kind of brothers who check on you to make sure

— you’re ok when you’re not home at the regular time

— you have what you need in all circumstances (ice, ice cream, Ritz chips)

— you aren’t lonely when you’re not with your husband

The kind of mother who

— fixes your favorite meals and

— makes sure you get plenty to eat and

— packs up the leftovers for your lunch the next day

The kind of best friends who

— give George & Martha a run for their money

— love movie & Pose dates

— take care of your beloved when you’re away

The kind of siblings who

— make you laugh until you pee

— make you think about issues that matter

— make you want to start a revolution

The kind of role models that

— have fought & keep fighting the good fight

— make you want to fight alongside them

— make you want to love like they do

The kind of faith-filled people who

— lead by example

— give generously

— practice hospitality

The kind of family that will always

— provide a place to come home to

— encourage you by their example

— stand with you

We are blessed beyond measure to have in Mark and Raul (Rall) extend friendship and relationship to us. They have allowed us into their home and included us in the beauty of their lives. They are models of hospitality, generosity, hilarity, and loyalty.

We could write sheets and sheets about all the good things they have done for us, but their kind of love requires no such list and they’re far too humble to read it.

So simply, thank you beloved brothers for such great care, laughter, and love. We will see you soon.

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