Pastoral Prayer

Danville Congregational Church UCC
April 28, 2019

Holy God:

We enter into this time of prayer grateful that the women who found the tomb empty believed and shared their powerful witness.

In this moment of prayer, we think about the people in our world who do not get to tell their stories, whose truths are silenced, who are not believed.

We are grateful for those in the early church who fearlessly witnessed to the resurrection of Jesus and how that made a difference for how they were in relationship with each other and the world and how their witness brought about persecution.

In this moment of prayer, we think about those who risk their lives to speak their truths, to show their authentic selves to the world, who are persecuted for who they are and the name by which they call you.

As we observe Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, later this week…we remember the story of the millions of people whose lives were taken during the Holocaust. We remember the stories of their descendants, of those who survived, of those who risked life to save life. Their stories matter, oh God, and we lift them up to you.

And in the wake of another synagogue shooting, may we here these stories anew and leverage our witness to ensure this never happens again–to anyone, any time.

Loving God, we are mindful that many of our stories come with great pain and heartache.

Grant us healing, comfort, and assurance of your abiding presence.

Loving God, we are mindful of the great host of witnesses that surround us and the stories of those who have gone on.

Grant us solace, happy memories, and assurance of your comfort.

Loving God, we are mindful that our stories also give us great joy and prompt gladness.

Grant us laughter, peace, and assurance that you will sustain us.

Oh God, may the witness of our forebears inspire us to renew our own commitments to telling our own stories, sharing our experiences of the resurrection, and renewing our hope in the coming of your kin’dom.

God, grant us boldness to tell our stories, to witness to the ongoing power of resurrection in our lives. And make the earth shake with justice and mercy.

With gratitude for the power of resurrection, 

Amen and Ashé

Seeing the Risen Christ at Dolores Park

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