Pastoral Prayer—May 5, 2019

Danville Congregational Church UCC
May 5, 2019

This morning, Oh God, we pray for…

…a third child to die in a detention prison and for his mother and father

…bullied teenagers

…those who are gone from our lives and for anyone experiencing the bitterness of loss

….those struggling with depression, anxiety, or loneliness

…those without food or homes or families or healthcare

…for our youth and children that their hearts, minds, and bodies be protected from anything or anyone that will harm them

…for the one who has no one to pray for them

…for anyone looking for a home, a church, a family where they can experience unconditional love

Open our eyes, oh God.
May we experience conversion so that when we are confronted with injustice that we will rise up swiftly to meet it with the bright light of your love that is within us.

Open our eyes so that the prayers of our hearts meet the actions of our hands and feet.

Amen and Ashé

Blessed with another year…

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