My Own Private Generational Crisis

“Are you an X-er who’s secretly a millennial?” the email from The New York Times​ evening briefing beckoned.

“FINALLY,” I thought, “I KNEW that was a thing!!!” and quickly clicked the link and took the survey. And, as the results appeared, my generational category crisis was validated…well, sortof:

“So here’s the deal. You really are just an old millennial. You should embrace your life as a millennial and be thrilled you escaped the existential exhaustion of life as Gen X.”

OK, first of all, did they have to call me an “OLD” millennial?

And as the results continued, they added this one plum observation:

“You probably share a drive with the millennials toward wanting fairness for all people, but you also probably over-share a teensy bit less.”

Yeah. That’s me: I’m an #Xennial.

Pastoral Prayer

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