Pastoral Prayer—May 12, 2019

Danville Congregational Church UCC
May 12, 2019

This morning we come to you oh God with many joys and concerns on our heart. We turn to you in prayer because we know—we claim and believe—that you hear our prayers.

This morning we lean especially on the maternal nature of you, oh God, our creator who gave birth to this world and all life upon it. You, oh God, have created each of us, fearfully and wonderfully in our mother’s womb and we are thankful.

This morning we pray with gratitude for mothers—those who gave us life, those who have been like a mother to us—some of whom are still with us and some who have gone on from this life.

[In the spirit of prayer, I invite you to say aloud the name of a mother you wish to lift up in prayer, joy, or memory…]

We pray your blessing, mother God, on these who have been named. May they feel in this moment a special warmth in their hearts. May they feel honored and may they be blessed.

We pray also for

…those who hope to someday become a mother…
…for those who have encountered difficulty becoming a mother…
….for those who have experienced loss as a mother…
…for those mothers who are in detention prisons or who have been separated from their children…
…for grandmothers, and sisters, and aunts, and sister-friends who provide for us a mother’s love…
…for those with difficult relationships and experiences with mothers—bring about healing and reconciliation, Oh God…
…and for those who are feeling the ache of the loss of their mothers…

All of these we lift up to you this morning, oh God.

Comfort us, care for us, nurture us as a hen who gathers her children under her wing.


The Ministry of Tulle

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