In the presence of wildfires: a prayer

God of fire, wind, and rain:

Once again the earth is burning…

Mother Earth cries out in pain and her inhabitants—human and non-human—scurry for safety while flora and fauna are consumed by flame.

Humankind has not treated our Mother well, subjecting her to conditions that have caused her oceans to rise, her earth to scorch, and her woodlands to burn. We lament our maltreatment of the land and water which you gave humankind to care for.

Oh God who is our refuge and strength:

Be a present help in this our time of need.

Shield from harm those for whom the threats of flame grow ever closer.

Protect nests of all kinds—those made of twig and mud and those made of wood and stone.

For those who are displaced, comfort them with the salve of our combined prayers and an extra portion of the assurance of your care.

Protect the lungs and bodies of all who risk their lives so save lives, habitats, and homes. Be a shield around those who face the flame and combat its appetite for fuel.

Reward their valor and bravery with containment of flame and protection of body.

Convict the hearts of those in power that they will put people and the earth over profits and increase our care of this planet that is home to us all.

God of fire, wind, and rain:

Speak to the winds of the earth and silence them to but a whisper. Implore the winds of the north and the west to be at peace.

Call forth your rain clouds—let them be filled with a holy, cleansing rain that will extinguish the flames and cleanse the sky.

Ease the breathing of those struggling with smoke-filled air and anxiety over the safety of loved ones and their homes.

God who created light from its absence:

For those living without power and light, cause their candles and flashlights to shine all the brighter.

Keep them safe and warm.

May the starlight of the night sky shine brilliantly, as if reflecting the light of your face.

Oh God, let the prayers of people from all faiths and all places bring light to those surrounded by fear and hopelessness.

Oh God in your mercy, hear our prayer.

[Photo: Sacramento Bee]

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